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Faith without works is dead. RAS is a dynamic leader in the business of helping actors achieve success. We are a mission driven company that aims to set the standard of excellence for actors. We are building a business in which high commitment permeates all aspects of our company. This commitment involves professional training, private coaching and networking opportunities within The entertainment industry.



Troy and Tonya Rowland are Artistic Directors of Rowland Acting Studios. They have worked over twenty years teaching and coaching actors. Tonya Rowland has toured the world acting and inspiring many people to live a purpose driven life.
In 2019-2020. Troy Rowland recently worked on the new Marvel Movie Morbius filmed in London. Rowland also worked on the movie Black and Blue starring Naomi Harris and Tyrese and Troy recently returned from Vancouver on the Lifetime movie Merry Liddle Christmas starring Kelly Rowland.

Troy and Tonya Rowland are Hollywoods premiere life and acting coaches. Troy began his acting career in Philadelphia, PA at the world renowned Freedom Theater under the auspices of John E. Allen. Mr. Rowland graduated with honors and both Troy & Tonya hold a BFA in Theater/Film from The University of The Arts. The Rowland’s have studied with Walter Dallas and Barbara Sommerville of Yale School of Drama and Troy completed The New Dramatists internship NYU program in New York City.

The Rowland’s have matured into team players, working with adult and child actors assisting them in the areas of life goals, line memorization, choice work and problem solving. Many of their adult actors have successful careers in acting on film and television shows. Rowland Acting Studio, specializes in helping first time actors, singers, comedians, rappers and athletes perfect the craft of acting. In addition, RAS is also inundated with inquiries from attorneys, physicians, as well as other professionals who have chosen to switch their career to acting or want to be better on their everyday communication.

Troy Rowland has also worked as an acting coach for Disney/ABC For over twenty years and is a Member of DGA and directs television and has also worked with TV1- Amazon, BET and produced and directed the pilot, Deviant’s and Cinemarks , Discord and Harmony episodes 1 and 2.

For years, Troy worked for Disney as an acting coach until he was assigned to work with Hilary Duff on Lizzie McGuire, and later worked on her management team, eventually becoming Hilary's producing partner for seven years while also serving as Senior V.P. of Operations.

Troy also assisted Chip Fields for years in the 90's on shows like Hangin with Mr. Cooper, Living Single, and The Steve Harvey Show, Troy has also worked on The George Lopez Show, NYPD Blue and The Cosby Show.


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